Have that special pair of comfortable, broken-in shoes or boots? Woody suggests you no longer waste your money on new shoes when your old ones can be made to look new, for less!

Extend the life of your shoes! Have Woody install sole savers on your new or newly soled shoes and boots. This alteration will prolong the life of your investment!
Bring your shoes and boots in so we can tell you exactly what can be done.

Can’t visit our shop in person? Need your shoes fixed just right?  No Worries! We offer mail order service with a typical return time of 5 business days, excluding season time (January – April).


  • Mens & Ladies Shoe Repair
  • Shoe Shines
  • Zippers
  • Handbags
  • Belts
  • Leather Repair & Custom Work
  • Knives Sharpened
  • Keys Made
  • Sales & Fittings for new boots
  • Sales of Palm Beach Sandals
  • Sales of Costa Del Mar sunglasses

Use our Mail Order form to let us know you are shipping your shoes to us!

**Most shoe repair costs can only be determined after examination to see first hand the extent of needed repair, and if it is repairable at all. We will contact you after we receive your shipment if we have any questions.**




 Shoe Repair Price List for men and womens shoe repair services

Woody's Boot Repair Price List

Snaps Replaced     $8.00


New Ribbed Rubber Soles & Heels     $140

New Heels     $45

New Heels and Bases     $55

Re-Dye – Black Only     $30

Replace Spur Rests     $25

New Laces     $8

Paddock Boots Shined     $15+


New Soles & Heels     $100.00

New Heels     $45.00

Replace Spur Rests     $35.00

New Laces     $8.00

Conditioned & Shined     $25.00+


Zipper Replaced in Chap     $75 EA

Patch Chap Leg     $70 EA

Patch Half Chap     $40+ EA

Zipper Replaced in Half Chap     $60 EA

Elastic Replaced in Half Chap    $18


Other Services

Purse Adjustments, Dog Leashes, Belt Adjustments, Leather Crafting, Knives Sharpened, Keys Made, Restoration, Sew Up Rips, Rivets, Zippers, Buckles and more!

Mail Order Form

UPS International Shipping 6 days a week!

4 Responses

  1. Hello,

    I have an old backpack of mine that had the zipper tear from the fabric. I would like to send you a photo to see if you guys can repair it and cost.

    I live in Ft. Lauderdale and would like to send it to you if it can be mended.

    -Alex Dolce

    • Allison Haynes

      Hey Alex,
      Please email your photos to:
      Subject: Repair Photos
      Include your information and details in the email and Mac or Woody will get in touch with you. Please call the shop at 561-798-1440 for faster assistance.
      Thank you,

  2. Bonnie williams

    I have a brand new pair of Ariat field boots that are too tall. They are Spanish cut so the leather cuts into the back of my knee. How much would it be to cut down just a about 1/2in. The outside of boot is fine, just front to back is too tall. How much time and process to do this?

    • Allison Haynes

      Hello Bonnie,

      Thank you for contacting Woody’s. Bad news: Unfortunately, that is not a repair that we are able to do. Good News: Have faith and a little patience! After they break in, the boot will fall 1/2 to 3/4in. In the meantime, a 1/2″ heel lift inserted in side the boot should do the trick. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if we are able to patch or re-heel your boots in the future.
      Thank you,

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